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I have been building can craft models for over 25 years, before can craft I built many model kits in RC and the kind you glue together and paint. below are some common questions I am always asked
  1. How long does did that take to make?
    Depends on the model most models are between 4 to 12 hours to complete
  2. Do you get cut making these?
    No its all about how you handle the cans, think of a master chef doing all the chopping having done it for long time they almost never get cut.
  3. How many cans does it take to make a model?
    More than what people think, Look at the sub how many cans are there? e-mail me for the answer (get a better look in the galley) first right answer will get a free plan
  4. Do you sell completed models?
    Not very often due to time, however I have sold a few models by request.
  5. What is your favorite model?
    That is easy, The next one However the ship and tractor was really fun to make. Grandfather had the tractor and the ship was made for first time builders
  6. How many models have you made?
    Well over 300 most of which I gave away as presents for birthdays and Christmas
  7. How do you clean the models?
    A quick spray of water with the kitchen sink sprayer set out to dry
    you can also use a damp towel * flag on the ship is printed on card stock with ink jet printer so will run if you get it wet
  8. Do you weld the models?
    No! there is no way to weld a aluminum pop can, I use quick grip glue
  9. I never made a model, how hard are these to make?
    Most of the models can be made by anyone who read and understand plans. The tractor is a real easy model! I have had kids make these up ( of course with mom and dads help)
  10. How long will the models last?
    If you do not handle them keep them out of the sun they should last a life time. My brother still has models made back in 1985 that look brand new.